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Whether you live, work, or are visiting Durham, Way to Go Durham is here to help you create solutions for efficient and cost effective travel in the Bull City.

What We Do

The City of Durham works with its regional partners to create and identify cost-effective solutions to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips. These solutions are part of a program, Way to Go Durham, that aims to make individuals and employers aware of commuting choices and resources in and around Durham.

What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM) or Transportation choices?

Transportation Demand Management (or TDM) focuses on understanding how people make their transportation decisions, and helping them to use existing resources for:






Why is TDM Important for Durham?

Durham and the rest of the Triangle are experiencing rapid growth which is leading to increased demand on our roadways and for parking. This is where Way to Go Durham’s role in reducing congestion becomes essential.

By encouraging residents to explore choices such as walking, cycling, transit, vanpool, and carpool, Way to Go Durham will save the city from investing in costly new infrastructure such as roadway expansions and building new parking garages.  These alternative transportation choices will also reduce congestion and harmful greenhouse gas emissions while improving quality of life for Durham residents.

Funding and land that would have gone to expand roadways or build new parking garages can instead be used to build and maintain trails, parks, community centers, and other people-friendly spaces.


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