Bull E-Bike Pilot Participant Resources

As a pilot participant, we want to ensure you have all the educational resources at your fingertips!

Resource Links

The team has pulled together different resources for you to download, print, or view to help you navigate the e-bike and enhance your safety. 

E-Bike Quick Start Guide

Download the E-Bike Quick Start Guide to learn more about your e-bike.

Bike Charging

To learn more about how to safely charge your e-bike refer to page 14 of the owner’s manual. 

National Renewable Energy Lab App (NREL)

NREL OpenPATH is an open-source platform that collects a complete snapshot of your travel and uses it to estimate your individual transportation carbon footprint.


The data collected will be used to understand how subsidized access to e-bikes might change travel behavior— especially how e-bikes could improve the transportation experience and impact the use of cars (especially downtown) and how exposure to e-bikes might have lasting impacts on mode choice.

Install the NREL OpenPATH App on Your Phone

Download the NREL OpenPATH app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Scan the QR code or visit the link below to join this program.

Remember to give all the requested permissions, including (“always”) background location access. If you have a Samsung or Huawei phone, turn off background restrictions.

Track your trips, label them when prompted, and check out your carbon footprint.

For additional information, see the participant guidelines.



What is the Bull E-Bike Pilot?

The Bull E-Bike Pilot program will allow participants who work in downtown Durham to test/temporarily use an electric-assist bike as a free and reliable way to travel to/from work and throughout the City. 


What route should I take to work, etc.?

There are three resources that can help you:

1. Review the City of Durham Bike & Hike Map

2. Check out the cycle.travel map and journey-planner.

3. Try Google Maps for cycling instructions with elevation, but review the route before you go to make sure you’re comfortable with the roads suggested.


Do the buses have bike racks?

Yes! The GoDurham and GoTriangle buses have 2 bike racks in the front. Load your bike, grab your accessories, and hop on the bus. Guidance is available here.


What are the bicycling road rules in Durham, NC?

Check out this short Durham bike safety video

Review the North Carolina Bike Laws.

My phone trip tracker is not working.

Complete the contact form here as soon as possible. Follow the prompts to report the technology issue. A team member will reach out to you within 2 business days or less.


How do I turn on the front and rear bike lights?

Hold down the menu button until the settings appear on the screen, then turn on the lights.

What’s the weight limit for the rack?

The rack can carry items up to 59 lbs.

There’s an issue with my bike (e.g., flat tire).

Complete the contact form here and follow the prompts to submit an e-bike maintenance ticket. We will get back to you within two business days.

I lost my key for the bike lock and I cannot unlock my bike.

Call (919) 213-1298. State your name, e-bike ID #, location the e-bike is locked up at, and best way to contact you. We will contact you within two business days.

My e-bike got stolen, what do I do?

  • Immediately file a police report with the City of Durham Police Department. 
  • Call (919) 213-1298 after the police report has been filed. Leave your name, number and following information: the bike #, last seen e-bike location, date, and time.