The Bull E-Bike Pilot

The City of Durham’s Transportation Department is conducting the Bull E-Bike Pilot to learn more about how electric bikes (e-bikes) can be deployed to improve the transportation experience in the Bull City. We’re seeking participants to use a pedal-assist e-bike for 4+ weeks in exchange for sharing information about their experience, including tracking their travel via a smartphone app. In addition to the e-bike, participants will receive a helmet, u-lock, and other accessories, plus maintenance support. We expect to launch the first participant group on August 15. 

The goal of the Bull E-Bike Pilot project is to learn the effects when a downtown Durham employee is given an electric-assist bike. The collected data and lived experiences from this pilot project will teach us and other cities if electric-assist bikes for downtown workers can help increase transportation access, reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips, etc.

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Applications are now open!

Apply with the link below for the chance to be a participant.

We’re Looking For People Who…

  • work in downtown Durham
  • would use an e-bike to replace driving alone
  • would benefit from the use of an e-bike, especially folks from groups that are transportation-disadvantaged
  • are flexible, communicative, and excited about this opportunity!

The goal of the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge is to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to and around downtown Durham using behavioral science, human-centered design, and rigorous evaluation. The opportunity exists to integrate available electric-assist bike resources in Durham to a Mayors Challenge project.

Bull E-Bike Presentation, Fall 2021

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