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The Bull E-Bike Pilot

Bloomberg Mayors Challenge

The Bull E-Bike Pilot

Many residents in Durham have issues with reliable transportation. This can be a problem for business owners or organizations who need to have reliable employees, recruit new workers and maintain competitiveness.

For employees in Downtown Durham, parking can be expensive. This pilot will provide employees with a free and reliable way to travel to/from work and throughout the City with an electric-assist bike.

By partnering with the City, we will provide to interested employees, a free electric-assist bike, helmet, and maintenance.

The City of Durham will begin piloting and deploying in December 2021 and Spring 2022.

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If you or your organization would like to participate in the
Bull E-Bike pilot, message us here.

The goal of the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge is to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to and around downtown Durham using behavioral science, human-centered design, and rigorous evaluation. The opportunity exists to integrate available electric-assist bike resources in Durham to a Mayors Challenge project.

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