Thank You Sign and Signal Shop!

Since 1943, March has been recognized as American Red Cross Month. This month-long awareness campaign encourages fundraising traditions, volunteering, and learning lifesaving skills nationwide. For the past few years, the traditions have shifted to celebrating our essential workers.  This year we are honoring the occasion by recognizing our heroes from the City’s Sign and Signal Shop. 

Our City’s Sign and Signal Shop are responsible for various traffic signals, signs, and markings tasks.  

The crews have been busy installing the new Bike Fixit Stations and signage downtown this year.   


The staff has also installed high-visibility crosswalks on Magnum and Pettigrew Street.

Additionally, the crew installed a new audible pedestrian pushbutton at the American Tobacco Trail and Renaissance Parkway intersection. This improvement will help increase accessibility for vulnerable pedestrians, enhance the recreational activity for trail users, and increase support for multimodal transportation. 

To all the staff in this department, we thank you for your tireless efforts to improve the transportation experience of our residents and visitors. Your efforts make Durham a great place to live, work, and play. 




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February 15, 2023

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