Celebrating Earth Day

The month of April celebrates Earth Day.  Since 1970 this day has been used to educate people globally on ways to improve environmental issues. The way we travel for work or day-to-day operations has a significant impact on the environment. When committing to reduce, reuse and recycle to honor the environment, remember to incorporate this motto into your transportation plans by using a sustainable mode of transportation instead of driving alone. In celebration of this day, the City of Durham’s Department of Transportation is launching an Earth Day Initiative to share four ways for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. We are also promoting how using active modes of transportation can benefit your overall health and well-being.

  1. Ride the Bus

There are over 20 GoDurham and GoTriangle bus routes that provide fare-free service across Durham. For individuals who qualify, GoDurham ACCESS can provide you with curb-to-curb ADA paratransit in the City of Durham and Durham County.  All buses are equipped with bike racks to help with the first-and-last-mile connections and Wi-Fi to keep you connected. An additional resource to help you transition to an active and environmentally-friendly commute is the TransLoc app, which provides you with live updates on your bus’s location.


  1. Walk

The City of Durham is recognized for having 50 plus miles of paved walking and biking trails. This opportunity will make adding exercise to your work commute an easy transition. Walking is an excellent opportunity for a more sustainable trip, but it also creates an opening to increase your steps to improve your overall health and physical well-being.




  1. Bike

As we transition into the warmer months of the year, biking is a premier opportunity for a more sustainable mode of transportation. With numerous paved trails, your ability to decrease your carbon footprint is readily available. Bike Durham offers multiple resources to ease your way into biking across Durham if you are new to biking.






4. Rideshare

We have two options that help protect our environment, but they can also help save you gas, time, and money. Carpooling consists of two to four commuters traveling together in a vehicle. You can find your carpool partner at Share the Ride NC. Vanpooling consists of four-plus commuters who choose their route, schedule, and pick-up points in a vehicle maintained by Commute with Enterprise.



Health Benefits:

Over the last few years, the Department of Transportation has worked with Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight to research ways to lower the number of people who drive alone to work. Their research indicates that “the use of transportation modes and transit that requires first-mile/last-mile connections have many health benefits realized through increased physical activity.” Reliance on cars has shown significant contributions to chronic and respiratory illness increases within the United States. By reducing the number of people who drive alone, we can decrease the number of carbon emissions in the air to make it easier to breathe and lower stress on the heart. To advance your health while helping the environment, commit to adding steps to your commute.


In the City of Durham’s Department of Transportation, we celebrate the Earth every day by working to develop and improve our resources to support more sustainable trips. This Earth Day, commit to making a change not just for Earth Day but for every day. Take the pledge to share how you will protect Mother Earth.



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