Summer Travel Tips

Summer is quickly approaching, and we want you to be prepared for your upcoming road trips. Buckle up and get ready for a safe and memorable summer with our top driving travel tips for your summer trips.  

Before You Go: 

Plan Your Route: 

  1. Learn the route/map before you leave and identify rest stops and gas stations along your route.  
  2. Check the weather, road conditions, and traffic to brace yourself for any matters that may delay or impact your trip.  
  3. Share with others your route and estimated arrival time. 

Check Your Vehicle: 

  1. Inspect your vehicle’s fluid levels: brake, automatic transmission or clutch, power steering, and windshield washer. 
  2. Examine your tires: look closely at the tread, check for imbalances, and test the air pressure. 
  3.  Make sure your vehicle is not under recall. View the recall lookup tool here.
  4. Check your vehicle’s AC performance before your trip.   

Eric, the Car Guy, has a list of steps and additional resources to help you: 

  • Start your vehicle and turn on the AC. 
  • Put the fan on the lowest setting and insert your thermometer. In a few moments the temp should bottom out and you can take your reading. 
  • Compare that reading to the temperature reading you took before starting the test. It should be 30º to 40º F cooler than the outside air.

Prepare The Essentials: 

  1. Make sure you have the essentials. Download our checklist below:             

In the Car: 

  1. Make sure all of your luggage/ items are secure inside or on the rooftop racks of your vehicle. Make sure none of the items are blocking your view.  
  2. Buckle up! Everyone in the vehicle must always fasten their seatbelts because seatbelts save lives.  
  3. If you are traveling with children, make sure their car seats are the appropriate size for their height and age. Download the National Highway Traffic Safety Car Seat Recommendations Guide.  
  4. Make your trip fun for the whole family by playing interactive car games.  


While on the Road: 

  1. Obey the speed limit at all times. 
  2. Look ahead and anticipate traffic or changes due to weather, construction, or crashes. 
  3. Make time for the driver and the passengers to rest, hydrate and stretch. 

As you kick start your summer travel, ensure you and your loved ones are prepared for a fun and safe trip. Share your travel destinations and safety tips on Twitter @MoveSafeDurham or Facebook at Way to Go Durham. 



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May 22, 2023

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