Recognizing the Americans with Disabilities Act

In 1990, the United States Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).ADA Anniversary Tool Kit This law focused on expanding civil rights to make it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities in the workforce, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and access to state and local government programs and services. 

Since the passing of the ADA, numerous improvements and requirements have been made to public transit, such as adding a lift ramp to help passengers who cannot walk on and off the bus due to the high step or stairs. Additionally, all public transit systems must have a paratransit service for individuals with disabilities that cannot access fixed-route transit services. The City of Durham’s paratransit service is called GoDurham ACCESS. The van provides eligible candidates with curb-to-curb (or door-to-door upon request) ADA paratransit service within the GoDurham service area and throughout the entire City of Durham limits. For more information on eligibility, service policy, scheduling and cost, download the GoDurham Access Service Mobility Guide. 

GoDurham ACCESS has additional transportation options for Durham County residents who:

  • Are 60 years of age or older or 
  • Have a disability 
  • Need trips for work, medical, personal care, government, and 
  • Reside in rural areas of Durham County 

In 2021, Durham County and Durham City merged to provide greater ADA access for residents. There are over 10,000 trips per month. The program also offers FREE county-wide trips to vaccination appointments for any resident in the County. Durham City and Durham County have also introduced a phone app for residents to schedule rides. In the fall, a pilot will begin to test same-day scheduled rides. To apply for Durham County ACCESS, download and complete the application here.

For the past 32 years, the ADA has ensured people with disabilities have equal access to government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation. As society advances, so will the accommodations to ensure inclusivity and equity remain the standard. To celebrate the establishment of the ADA, share this article and its resources with your network. 

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July 8, 2022

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